What gets me is the increase in racially motivated crimes now, CNN is having a hay day with all the Fergusen stuff & refusing to broadcast other crimes like that a white person who was beaten to death in Fergusen for trying to keep order on his street. Another person who was white was beaten to death by a group of… » 1/31/15 3:48pm 15 minutes ago

It seems here that the car companies have some blame in this not protecting their customers by taking responsibility & testing their products they use in our vehicles to ensure they are getting what they paid for. What gets me irked is don't the auto manufacturers test out the equipment they buy? » 1/31/15 3:12pm 51 minutes ago

I wouldn't have released any scientific evidence unless it had been thoroughly proven & indisputable, I have learned that lesson & always check everything out & reconfirm, retest then report instead of releasing a bunch of crap that falls apart under scrutiny. » 1/30/15 6:10pm Yesterday 6:10pm

If the Tesla 3 is designed to look like the Prius I'm calling out the designer as a person planted in the company to troll Tesla & give them a bad image, this shouldn't be the design at all. Something is deeply wrong with this picture, The Emperor Gets New Clothes style. » 1/29/15 8:40pm Thursday 8:40pm